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Hollywood Preparing To Tell Story Of Lynchburg War Hero - Wset.com - Abc13

Humble to the end, Doss would downplay his role, even telling people there weren't as many people in the field as they tried moved here to give him credit for. Years later, Doss would make several visits to the school that now bears his name in Lynchburg, talking about the war, and inspiring the next generation. According to Variety magazine, a big .. [read more] budget Hollywood film about the life of Doss is close to being in the works, with Mel Gibson directing. Stephen Doss says the kind of life Desmond lived is the kind that can inspire the world. "He practiced what he preached. In every way. I envy that kind of faith. I strive kim kardashian quotes to get to that type of faith." Variety reports that Andrew Garfield, from "The Social Network" and the Spiderman movies, is in line to play the role of Desmond Doss.
Source: http://www.wset.com/story/27578499/hollywood-preparing-to-tell-story-of-lynchburg-war-hero

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