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Google Takes Aim At Hollywood Studio Model With Youtube | Fox Business

Theres no bill?! Were part of a wave of people (Google) is investing in to change this space and how people see digital (production). Nick Riedell chimes in, Its a new model for the digital frontierWere able to shoot a film (at YouTube Space) that wouldve cost us $10,000 to shoot, for nothing now. We can spend money in other areas and take the whole production and increase the value. We get more bang for our buck when we shoot at the space, for sure. In other words, YouTube doesnt mind covering costs for higher quality programming it reckons will boost creativity, traffic and revenue. Theres not a lot of precedent for a free production space to be open to the world, Liam Collins, head of YouTube Space LA, said in an interview. Its an indirect path, but we believe thats the way well help many creators be more ambitious, kim kardashian kim kardashian which will grow their audiences, which is good for YouTube and Google. More ambitious, longer, and slicker projects would address critics of YouTubes marketable programming, which includes eMarketer in a recent note: Much of the time audiences spend with digital video in general is not useful for advertisers, such as clips that are either too short to include ads or not brand friendly, and both are attributes of many user-generated YouTube videos that get the most kim kardashian cellulite views. Google may be the leader in digital video but the company doesnt have a stranglehold on the marketplace like it does in desktop search. eMarketer estimates Google will close out 2014 with $1.13 billion in net US video ad revenue, just about a 19% share of the US digital ad market. The research firm predicts the overall digital ad spend in this country to more than double to $12.82 billion in the next four year, but eMarketer does not foresee Google expanding its share.
Source: http://www.foxbusiness.com/industries/2014/11/07/watch-this-space/

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