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Shocker: Extensive New Study Says Movie Piracy Isn?t That Harmful To Hollywood - Yahoo News

Send Thanks! A link has http://noncownosa.livejournal.com been sent. Done Shocker: Extensive new study homepage says movie piracy isnt that harmful to Hollywood By Chris Smith 15 hours ago 0 shares View photo Shocker: Extensive new study says movie piracy isnt that harmful to Hollywood A new study looking at the relationship between movie piracy and Hollywood revenues has found that the mass illegal downloads movie studios complain about while spending vast resources to put a stop to, are not that relevant. TorrentFreak reveals that economist Koleman Strumpf has conducted a tremendousamount ofresearch before releasing his determination that movie piracy is not harmful to Hollywood. He looked at data from 150 blockbuster movies that were released over a period of seven years and, and drewdata from a popular BitTorrent tracker as well asrevenue projections from the Hollywood Stock Exchange. There is no evidence in my empirical results of file-sharing having a significant impact on theatrical revenue, Strumpf told the publication. My best guess estimate is that file sharing reduced the first month box office by $200 million over 2003-2009, which is only three-tenths of a http://nixinan.livejournal.com percent of what movies actually earned. I am unable to reject the hypothesis that there is no impact at all of file-sharing on revenues. Meanwhile, Hollywood spent $500 million on the MPAAs anti-piracy efforts during the same period, the publication says.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/shocker-extensive-study-says-movie-piracy-isn-t-001530840.html

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